Keewatin Air LP is a Transport Canada certified and approved maintenance facility, with a rating in various aircraft and aircraft structures. Our aircraft engineers are licensed under Transport Canada’s CARs (Canadian Aviation Regulations).

The following is our Transport Canada issued Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) certificates detailing our approved aircraft ratings, as well as our sheet metal structures rating:

Our experienced, professional AMEs quietly work behind the scenes and are considered the backbone of our company, ensuring successful missions in the harsh Arctic climate in which our aircraft operate on a daily basis.

AME Qualifications

  • Valid Transport Canada Aircraft Maintenance Engineers license with M1 or M2 rating
  • Have a strong knowledge of Transport Canada regulations
  • Able to obtain Driving Airside License (D/A)
  • Must hold a valid drivers license
  • Must have a valid passport and able to travel abroad unrestricted
  • Able to work in a fast paced environment while meeting constraining deadlines
  • Able to obtain Transport Canada Security Clearance / Restricted Area identification card
  • Able to work well independently and also within a team environment
  • Reliable, responsible and self-motivated
  • Must possess strong organizational, communication and decision-making skills
  • Proven time management skills with a strong attention to detail
  • Strong verbal and written skills
  • Experience on King Air, Pilatus, and Learjet aircraft type is preferred