Flight Operations

Safe, high-quality air ambulance and charter services

Canadian Air Services Operation


Keewatin Air has been operating in the Arctic for over 40 years and has extensive experience providing safe, high-quality air ambulance and charter services. Operating within the legalized structure of the CARs (Canadian Aviation Regulations) sections 703 and 704, we have met all the operational and regulatory requirements to operate air services in Canada.

We have operated turboprops longer than any other similarly sized airline in the Nunavut region, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge of Arctic operations. With over 250,000 hours of experience flying turboprops and turbine-powered aircraft (more than 200,000 of these hours in the Kivalliq and Qikiqtani regions of Nunavut), we have also gained an appreciation of the cultural uniqueness of the residents of Nunavut.

We can never underestimate the complexity of our remote operations and the invaluable experience it affords us. Nunavut offers a unique environment in which to operate and gather experience. What has this taught us?

  • The importance of regulatory compliance
  • Planning and being proactive are critical
  • Winter operations require specific training
  • The value of simulator training for all crews