Employee Login

VPN Access to Keewatin Air Network

Unauthorized access to Keewatin Air’s VPN and internal network system is strictly prohibited. To request access to Keewatin’s VPN please contact your Manager or Supervisor.

Company Email

You can access company email without having to login to the VPN direct from your web browser at mail.perimeter.ca/owa.

SMS (Safety Management System) Reporting

You can submit a Safety, Quality, Security, Compliance or Environmental issue to Keewatin’s new Safety Management System (SMS) via www.keewatinsafety.omnisms.aero.

NOTE: If you are experiencing issues with the Login Centre not loading properly from your Internet Explorer browser please click on: tools, Internet options, security, within security level for this zone – click on the "Reset all zones to default levels" and then click apply and OK. Close your browser and open it and try the login centre again.