Giving Back to Our Community

The People of Nunavut Make Us Who We Are

Keewatin Air recognizes that it is the people of Nunavut who make us who we are. We believe that by working to ensure that residents prosper through health care and education and employment opportunities, we can strengthen Nunavut and its relationship with Keewatin Air LP.

From our start in 1971, Keewatin Air LP (KAL) has been guided by and influenced by the learnings of the Inuit culture.

As the primary provider of Medevac and Air Ambulance services for the Government of Nunavut, KAL seeks to engaged with government and community leaders to support the strengthening of the role of Elders in addressing social problems and issues in the North. The Inuit Societal Values Project is an important part of this goal.

Keewatin Air supports Inuit Societal Values:

  • INUUQATIGIITSIARNIQ — Respecting others, relationships and caring for people

  • TUNNGANARNIQ — Fostering good spirits by being open, welcoming, and inclusive

  • PIJITSIRNIQ — Serving and providing for family and/or community

  • AAJIIQATIGIINNIQ — Decision making through discussion and consensus

  • PILIMMAKSARNIQ / PIJARIUQSARNIQ — Development of skills through observation, mentoring, practice, and effort

  • PILIRIQATIGIINNIQ / IKAJUQTIGIINNIQ — Working together for a common cause

  • QANUQTUURNIQ — Being innovative and resourceful

  • AVATITTINNIK KAMATSIARNIQ — Respect and care for the land, animals, and the environment

The D. Wayne McLeod Scholarship

The first presentation of the D. Wayne McLeod Scholarship was made at the Manitoba Aviation Council Conference/Banquet 08 March 2022.

The award was presented by Janice McLeod, KAL Air Charters Manager and spouse of Wayne McLeod, Carlee McLeod, AME with EIC subsidiary AMS and daughter of Wayne McLeod, and John Kliewer, KAL Director of Business Planning and Development.

The Scholarship Winner was Juergen Kuleschow. Juergen graduated from the Red River College Aerospace Manufacturing Program in 2018 with a very high GPA, and initially worked in the sector as a Certified Aerospace Technician with Boeing Canada Winnipeg. After a short period of time, Boeing recognized Juergen’s leadership potential, and he was promoted to a position as a Lead Hand. Juergen also worked as a Quality Assurance Inspector. Juergen’s supervisor at Boeing noted that he had a great capacity to learn, and was respected by his peers for his dedication, work ethic, and uncompromising pursuit of quality.

Like Wayne McLeod, even at a young age, Juergen also sought opportunities to give back. He volunteered his time at Manitoba Aviation Council and Manitoba Aerospace Association events to learn more about and help promote the industry to other young people with “the right stuff”.

In December 2019, Juergen acted on his dream to pursue a career as an airline pilot. He enrolled in the Professional Pilot Program at Harv’s Air in Steinbach, MB. Like Wayne McLeod, Juergen sought to continue to work at his employer, and through a combination of hard work, self-discipline, and making smart financial decisions, Juergen set about paying for his aviation training himself. While pursuing this dream, due to exceptional circumstances in the industry, Juergen was part of a mass layoff at his employer.

Juergen’s character speaks to: Hard work, Dedication, Giving Back to Others, and Leadership. These are attributes and qualities that personified Wayne McLeod and made Juergen a great choice to receive the first Wayne McLeod Scholarship. Wayne’s family and Keewatin Air LP are very pleased to provide Juergen with support that will immediately enable him to continue to pursue his dream of becoming an airline pilot, and we look forward to hearing about his continued success!

2022 Scholarship Presentation
2022 Scholarship Presentation