Accessibility Benefits All Manitobans

Under the Accessible Canada Act (ACA), Accessible Canada Regulations, Canadian Transportation Regulations, and the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service (Manitoba), Keewatin Air LP Supports Accessible Customer Service for all.

Accessibility Plan Document

Accessibility Plan Progress Report – May 2024

Accessible Customer Service Policy

Our Accessibility Plan Document considers and provides guidance, supported by the Accessible Customer Service Policy, on our steps to identify and remove barriers based on consultation. We consider the following areas in developing our policy and practices:

  • Employment
  • The Built Environment
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Communication, other than ICT
  • The Procurement of Goods, Services and Facilities
  • The Design and Delivery of Programs and Services
  • Transportation

Our Accessible Customer Service Policy includes the following pillars:

  • We meet communication needs. We can communicate in different ways such as writing things down, reading things out loud, and taking extra time to explain.
  • We accommodate the use of assistive devices. This includes mobility assistance items and communication or hearing devices.
  • We welcome support persons. If a support person needs to pay a fare or service fee, we let the public know at the time of booking. Wherever possible, we do not charge admission or services fees to a service person.
  • We allow service animals on our premises. Service animals must be under control of their handler.
  • We maintain our accessibility features. We ensure our automatic sliding doors, accessible bathrooms, aisles, and entryways are accessible.
  • We let the public know when and why an accessibility feature is temporarily unavailable. In the event an accessibility feature should be unavailable, we put up signs on site.
  • We welcome and respond promptly to feedback. When we receive feedback on the accessibility of our services, we respond and document the feedback and actions we take. We provide the information to the person providing us feedback if they so choose.
  • We provide training on accessible customer service as required by the Canadian Transportation Agency and the Manitoba Accessibility Standard. We keep records of our accessibility policy and accessibility training. Our full policy is available on request. Our Accessibility Training is conducted annually, and a summary of the content of this training is available on request.

You can provide feedback to Keewatin Air about our Accessibility Plan Document or our Accessible Customer Service Policy via:

— In Person

Keewatin Air
50 Morberg Way
Winnipeg, MB
Request to speak to: Director, Business Development and Strategic Planning

— By Mail (including anonymous feedback)

Keewatin Air LP
50 Morberg Way
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0A4
Attention: Director, Business Development and Strategic Planning

— By Phone (including anonymous feedback)

   (204) 784-6524

— By Email

  Send Email

— By Our Website


Feedback received, including anonymous feedback, is directed to management via our Safety Management System (SMS). This system enables us to capture the received feedback, assess and problem solve, assign actions, ensure actions occur, and report these to our Safety Committee.

Acknowledgement of Feedback

Keewatin Air will acknowledge the receipt of feedback, other than anonymous feedback, to the sender of the feedback via the same manner/methodology in which it was received. The person responsible for maintaining the Accessible Customer Service Policy & Plan is:

Keewatin Air LP
Director, Business Development and Strategic Planning
50 Morberg Way
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0A4

   (204) 784-6524  |    Send Email

It is the responsibility of the Keewatin Air Executive Team to ensure the Accessible Customer Service Policy is upheld at Keewatin Air. Further, it is the responsibility of the Keewatin Air Executive to review any instances where a Built Environment Barrier is identified by an employee or customer. The receipt, discussion, feedback to complainant, and any corrective actions taken are managed by the Director, Business Development and Strategic Planning under the Authority of the President/CEO of Keewatin Air LP. As requested from the feedback supplier, we will follow up with the feedback supplier in methods that will suit their communication needs.