Air Medical

Caring for the community around the clock

Nunavut Lifeline


With over 120,000 flight hours on air medical missions and over 40 years of operation in the challenging environment of the Canadian Arctic, we have an unparalleled background and experience in air medical transport.

Keewatin Air LP has developed the infrastructure required to support operations of turboprop and jet aircraft in the delivery of air medical services in the central and eastern Arctic, emphasizing our commitment to remote northern Canada.

24-hour air medical operations

Our state of the art hangar facilities in Rankin Inlet, Iqaluit, and Churchill have been built to support 24 hours per day arctic air medical operations. Our aircraft interiors have been specifically designed "in house" for functionality, safety and optimal care provision. The aircraft are staffed around the clock, to provide air medical services for those who become ill or injured in the Kivalliq and Baffin Regions of Nunavut and northern Manitoba.

Comprehensive policies, procedures, and protocols are in place to provide the Flight Nurses and Respiratory Therapists with the guidance required to practice independently, as indicated.

Should the patient require care normally authorized by a physician, the Flight Nurse can refer to a protocol manual and provide the required care, based on extensive training and protocols, authorized by our medical director. Similarly, the Respiratory Therapists have been provided with additional skills to supplement their practice.

State of the art medical equipment

The aircraft are all equipped with state of the art medical equipment, supplies, and medications to support the advanced level of care provided. These items include some medical equipment, supplies and medications presently not available in the North's remote health centres, allowing us to offer care not available in the communities.