Training Programs

A Strong Team with a Unified Approach

All air medical team members receive extensive initial and ongoing training. There is "cross training" for the nurses, and RRT’s, including ground school and safety training, which increases their understanding of the challenges of flying. For pilots, it includes flight physiology and techniques to minimize the impact of the flight on the patient’s condition. Pilots also receive CPR and First Aid training. This instruction builds a strong "team" and promotes a unified approach to the patient transport.

Initial and ongoing training for all employees

Keewatin Air LP places considerable emphasis on initial and ongoing training for all employees. After initial training is completed, the permanent FN/RRT staff participates in biannual workshops on appropriate subjects.

Topics such as neonatal stabilization, managing obstetrical emergencies, managing patients with intentional and unintentional poisoning, managing pediatric emergencies, assessment, and management of the patient requiring mechanical ventilation, etc., are offered.

An agreement is in place with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority allowing us to access clinical training opportunities in obstetrics, ICU, and other specialty areas. Certifications in CPR, ACLS, Trauma, NRP, PALS, STABLE and other similar courses are maintained through ongoing regular training programs. Attendance at external workshops and conferences is supported in concept and financially.